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We at Mezcal Buen Suceso see our brand and ourselves as cultural ambassadors. We believe that we as people can only come together in peace through culture. Without it we would barely be more than animals. It is the source to language, art and last but not least, beverages, that are more than simple nutrition. If you travel to Oaxaca you get a sense what Mezcal means to the locals. It is their life source, talking point and cultural centerpiece. Mezcal shares so many things with the history of Mexico itself. In a special way its taste reflects this exact history.

We see Mezcal as much as an art as paintings or designs. Mezcal Buen Suceso combines various elements of art through the design of the logo or the bottles, designed to complement the beverage. We would also like to display art through our channel, art that is either connected to Mezcal, our brand Buen Suceso or Mexican culture in general.

It is undeniable that Mezcal is not solely a Mexican product. Only through the Europeans, no matter how good or bad their impact was on traditional culture, the locals discovered the art of distillation, which made Mezcal possible. It becomes clear that through working together and learning from each other, we can move forward as a whole. Mezcal Buen Suceso does not deny its European roots but rather embraces them and aims for a distribution and popularization of Mezcal in Europe.

In this blog we want to keep you updated about the design of our brand, possible events, special artwork of our Mezcal Buen Suceso or simply things that we find interesting and exciting about Mexican culture and everything related to Mezcal.

Please send us your own work or a link to anything you find interesting and we will try to post it on this website: