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Buen Suceso

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What makes Buen Suceso special?

More and more Mezcal brands are entering the market, yet most people still don’t know much about Mezcal. So things can get confusing and naturally the question comes up on what makes our Mezcal special. Time to answer that question!

The complexity of Mezcal comes from the many influential factors along its production. The type of Agave, the terroir, the time of harvest, the cooking, crushing and fermentation process and lastly the distillation all influence the taste of the Mezcal in different ways. But in the end there are two major factors: Nature and the human hand. Nature and the terroir will determine the quality of the Agave and the experienced human hand will determine the quality of the cooking, fermentation and distillation process.

So what makes Buen Suceso special compared to other Mezcals?

At Buen Suceso we only use hill grown Agaves that are being cultivated along the steep slopes surrounding the village of San Juan del Rio. Not only have the Agaves to endure the long droughts in the harsh highlands but they also have to constantly work against gravity. The result is that hill grown Agaves become stronger and in fact change their biochemistry resulting in more intense and more complex flavors than the “lazy” Agaves that grow in valleys.

One of the things we love about Mezcal is its complexity. Due to the many influential factors each batch can turn out different. Just like some Agaves are better than others, some batches turn out better than others. At Buen Suceso we do not use every batch. Instead we choose the best ones to create an amazing blend of different batches in order to create a Mezcal of the highest quality possible, distinct in its flavors and complexity.

The final aspect that makes Buen Suceso special are the people producing it. Hundreds of years of experience, passed on from generation to generation has led to an immense knowledge about the production of Mezcal. We pay enormous attention to detail when it comes to choosing the right Agaves and finding the perfect moment to harvest.

Producing Mezcal is all about the details

The same carefulness is continued in the cooking process. Instead of “burning” the Agaves we roast them carefully to create a distinct but subtle smokiness that does not overshadow the actual taste of the Agave. Following the natural fermentation we distill our Mezcal twice. Unwanted heads and tails of the distillation are entirely removed, leaving us with the elegant and smooth taste of Mezcal Buen Suceso.

Just like all steps along the production of Mezcal, the alcohol percentage is a piece in the puzzle. According to the official regulations a Mezcal must have between 36% and 55% of alcohol. There is no one correct alcohol volume that suits all Mezcals. As each Mezcal is different in its aromas, each Mezcal also has a uniquely fitting alcohol percentage. A very smoky Mezcal might therefore ask for a higher alcohol volume to create a balance. Less smoky Mezcals like Buen Suceso however are perfect with a lower alcohol volume that does not overshadow the balanced aromas. For the current batch of Buen Suceso, we found 40% to be the perfect last piece in the complex composition of our Mezcal.